Moving boxes with packed stuff and chair for moving

When we arrive to a house to pack, many people ask us why we need so many different boxes. They wonder why we can’t just use the same size box and put items inside of it after wrapping them. While this is an easy way to do it, it’s not the best way.

When you use boxes that are too big or small for the items that you have, it increases the risk of your belongings becoming damaged. We would never want that to happen, and that is why we only use the correct size boxes for packing.

So you understand the differences of the boxes, we thought we would write this blog post. These are the types of boxes we use and why we use them.


This is the box that most people think of when they think of moving boxes. The sizes are:

  • Small – 1.5 cubic foot
  • Medium – 3 cubic foot
  • Large – 4.5 cubic

We place heavier items in small boxes. You never want to make a large box heavy because it will already be hard to handle. Making it heavy will increase the risk of the mover getting hurt.


Wardrobe boxes have a horizontal bar across it that give you about 2 feet of hanging space. This keeps you from having to fold clothes that will be severely wrinkled when you get to your new home. Not only that, this keeps you from dealing with boxes that sag in the middle on the bottom because of the weight.


It can be difficult to keep dishes and glassware from breaking. These boxes have partitions that keep everything separated, which means they won’t clang together and break.


Flatscreens are highly vulnerable to damage. To keep them safe, you need a heavy duty box that will cover the entire screen. That’s what these flatscreen TV boxes can do for you. They can also be used for mirrors. These boxes come in different sizes to accommodate sizes of TVs and mirrors.

Loyal Moving can help you get the boxes you need for packing. We have all of these boxes for you available. You can also hire us to do all of your packing and then all you have to do is sit back as we use the right boxes for your belongings. Consider using this service because it can make your move much easier. Just give us a call or contact us for a free quote!

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