Ethics and Polices

Editorial Principles

The Editorial Principles of Loyal Moving & Storage INC. emphasize clear, honest, and respectful communication. We’re dedicated to providing accurate and helpful content, tailored to support our clients’ unique moving needs with integrity and professionalism.

Ownership Information

Loyal Moving & Storage INC. is owned by Gayk Avetisyan, a seasoned entrepreneur with 14 years in the moving, IT, and real estate sectors. His leadership enhances the company’s service quality and innovation. His expertise elevates the company reputation for excellence and innovation in the moving industry.

Actionable Feedback Policy

Discover our unwavering commitment to client feedback at Loyal Moving & Storage INC. Your insights are pivotal in enhancing our service quality, making every move seamless and stress-free. Dive in to learn how we prioritize your voice in our pursuit of excellence! 

Ethics policy

Uncover the core of Loyal Moving & Storage INC. with our detailed Ethics Policy. Every stride we take is guided by principles of honesty, transparency, and respect, ensuring your moving journey is seamless and trustworthy. Dive deeper to discover how ethics and excellence converge in our services. 

Diversity Staffing Policy

Explore Loyal Moving & Storage INC.’s commitment to diversity in our staffing policy. Discover how we weave inclusion, respect, and equal opportunities into the fabric of our team, enhancing our service quality and innovation. Dive in to see diversity in action! Click to read more.

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