Mature man with boxes and clothes rack moving in new unfurnished house.


Long distance moves can be more difficult for your clothes because they need to be boxed up. Even when using wardrobe boxes, items may fall to the bottom and wrinkle. To keep from having to deal with an over the top dry cleaning bills, consider the following.

  • Get rid of old stuff. It’s in your closet, but you haven’t worn it in two years. It’s likely out of style, and you won’t wear it anytime soon. Throw those items in a bag and drop it off at the local thrift shop. Someone will love it, and use it more than you ever will again.
  • Let go of worn out items. Clothes aren’t meant to last forever. As much as you love that sequined top you used to wear out with your friends, it’s just not going to work when half of the sequins have fallen off. It’s time throw it in the trash.
  • Clothes that don’t fit now should be tossed. You’ve lost weight or you’ve gained it, so there are some clothes that just aren’t flattering anymore. Don’t just keep it in case of weight fluctuations. Get rid of it. The less you have to move, the less you have to deal with when you get to your new home.
  • Give away clothes you won’t wear. Sometimes people buy clothes that seem to look great in the store, but they don’t have the same effect at home. Instead of returning the items, they just throw it in their closet. Don’t hang on to clothes you’ll never wear. Give them to friends.


With all of the clothes you have left, you’ll have to pack. To minimize the work you have to do when you get to your new home, you’ll have to do some planning and learn professional moving tricks.

  • Get wardrobe boxes. For clothes that are on hangers, you can use wardrobe boxes. These boxes are tall and come with a bar at the top of them. You can hang your clothes on the bar just as you do in your closet.
  • Schedule what you’ll wear before and after the move. You don’t want to pack away your work clothes and then have to go digging for them. Figure out what you’re going to wear and leave those out for easy accessibility.
  • Wash clothes before packing. Don’t ever pack dirty clothes because you’ll end up with some stinky boxes with dirty clothes that were originally clean. Make sure all clothes are completely dry too. You don’t need that mildew smell on all of your stuff.
  • Avoid over packing boxes. When boxes are too heavy, you’ll end up exhausting yourself. You may also end up with damaged clothes because they will be smashed together. Pack clothes comfortably in boxes allowing them to move freely to avoid wrinkles.
  • Always pack shoes separately. You don’t want the smell of your shoes on your clothes, and you don’t want all those germs from the bottom of your shoes on them either. Have a box just for shoes to keep them away from your clean clothes.

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