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Moving to another place of living has always been a challenge for everyone. There are two ways of doing this: either you get rid of all your things, including clothes, furniture, books etc, move with a small bag of essentials and start a completely new life with no old things, or you have to pack your house and move it with yourself to another place. Not really a great choice, is it? However, we have a better option for you. You can either follow our tips and guidelines and get packed perfectly and without much struggle, or you can opt for a special service provided by Los Angeles movers and let professional packers deal with this boring, time and effort consuming process instead of you. We know how precious your time is and this is exactly why we want to help you deal with a moving challenge.

Why packing books is important

Among all items people usually have to pack, books are the last thing usually coming to their mind. However, it’s not less important than packing your furniture, kitchen or electronic devices, unless you are going to leave them all behind. Packing books is also underestimated in the meaning of the complexity of this process. Some people tend to think that it’s the easiest thing, you can just put your books into boxes and that’s it. Bu if you have a big or even an average library, this is going to be a little bit harder.

If you want your books to have a long happy life on the shelves of your new home and not being damaged during the transportation, you have to be really careful and do your best to provide a safe move for your favorite reads. Safe transportation is what Los Angeles movers are really good at.

Books optimization process

This is going to be your first step towards getting your books ready. Good news is that books are not as fragile as kitchen or bathroom items. However, here’s another difficulty about them. If you pack too many books into one box you will most likely not be able to lift it up and that would be a real trouble.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to divide your collection of books into sections. One of the sections may be dedicated to the most important books you have. An advice from moving service in Los Angeles would be to put rare editions, gifts, antique literature and your most favorite book items into one place separately from the rest of books.

Getting rid from things you don’t need

This is a commonly known fact that most of the things you keep in your house you don’t need and chances that you will ever use them again are really low. Well, the same is about books. The truth is, most of the books lying on the shelves covered with layers of dust will never be read by anybody, nor somebody is going to open them in their lives. You keep them because you were going to read them, or you already did or because they have been with you for many years and you feel sorry to just throw them away. It’s a common situation but you have to define which ones are this kind of books and put them separately from others.

No one says you have to throw them away. Instead, we suggest you selling them or giving to someone who needs them more. If these are books for kids a great idea would be to give them to a children’s house.

Supplies for packing books

Just like with packing other things, books require special packing material. You can opt for proper supplies when ordering moving service in Los Angeles. Anyway, you’re going to need boxes, packing paper, lots of newspapers, and a marker pen. As for the boxes, you don’t have to look for anything special, but make sure you’ve got containers made from thick and strong material, because books are really heavy items. You will need boxes of different size in order to pack different kinds of books.

Prepare lots of packing paper or newspapers. In fact, they are needed and can be used for the same purpose. When packing important valuable items, you will have to use thin packing material.

Remember that no matter how hard moving may seem, the best moving service in Los Angeles is looking forward to helping you with each step of this challenging process!

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