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Pet moving tips from Los Angeles movers

Moving is exhausting and stressful for people, so you can imagine how scary it may appear for animals. When you are moving to a completely new place and everything is unfamiliar there, this can be extremely overwhelming for your pet. More than that, it is not only the new place of living that can scare your pet, but the very process of moving. Trips are sometimes the hardest part of moving with animals. This is why Los Angeles movers prepared important information to consider when you decide to move for a long distance with you pet.

We have lots of experience with all kinds of moves and we have seen different situations and challenges people had to face when traveling with their pets. All that led us to understanding the essentials of a safe move if you are doing it with an animal. Keep in mind that we offer you safe transportation service for a good moving quote in Los Angeles, so that you can focus on moving your pet without being overwhelmed with other routine matters.

First of all, we suggest you preparing a special overnight kit for the first couple of days after you arrive to your new home. Provide it with your pet’s favorite toys and all kinds of tools it got used to when living in the previous home. Make sure it has enough of food and water. This is going to be a small shelter for your pet before it goes through the process of getting used to your new home.

In case if you’re moving far away around the country, you should visit your pet’s vet and get your private consultation. Take all the needed records and prescriptions that your pet may need in the new city before you find a new vet there. Also ask your vet for advice as for the moving trip and maybe he also knows where to look for another vet in the area you are going to live in. 

During the moving trip, you need to create such an environment for your pet so it would be as quiet and comfortable as possible. Make sure there it always has its favorite toy, because having a familiar thing in an unfamiliar environment is very helpful with stress reducing. Check your pet every ten minutes to make sure it’s fine.

An important thing to know is that you should never entrust your pet someone else to make the moving trip. No matter what, it has to travel together with you in the same vehicle. The absence of the owner may cause a huge trauma and be very harmful to your pet. And during the trip, make stops from time to time to get your pet some fresh air.

After arrival to your new home, don’t leave your pet alone for a long time. You need to always be around and make sure it will not get lost. Since new environment and unfamiliar people all around make freak your pet out, it can just run away without knowing the way back home. This is why once it leaves the car, you need to be always around and keep your eyes on it.

Another important tip from Los Angeles movers is to move your belongings before you move your pet. You can release it from being stressed too much if you bring it to the new home when there is no such a mess there any more. So if you have such an opportunity to get things organized there first and than come back for your pet, use it. Besides, you can’t do everything all at once, so you should just plan your move appropriately.

Ask someone for advice. Think about your friends who have been in a similar situation or go online and find forums and discussions dedicated to the moving topic. You are not the first who is going through this challenging period and asking someone for a small tip is always a good idea. Also, you can ask experienced travelers about a company with affordable moving quote in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to deal with everything on your own. Los Angeles movers are always willing to help you go through all the stages of your move and make it much easier and more enjoyable.

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