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Hire movers in Los angeles to transport artworks safely

In case if you are a collector who is going to move to a new home far away or if you have professional experience of moving artworks, you will have to face some extra issues to deal with the transportation of valuable masterpieces, such as sculptures, fine art, etc. All of these items are extremely valuable, but they are also quite heavy and fragile. This means that any tiny move can lead to a damage and ruin their incredible value.

People who have ever had to move artworks know for sure that moving them is already an art, which has to be learned. You need to be more than careful and attentive, since even the slightest moves are risky. Of course, moving an antique vase is different from moving a painting, but there are some common tips that will make it easier no matter what kind of masterpiece you move. Movers in Los angeles prepared some essential information for you to consider before you proceed to packing and moving your favorite pieces of art.

First of all, you need to divide all your belongings and separate artworks from all the rest. Then, you will have to divide the artworks as well and pack them all separately from one another.

Your paintings are better to be crated, because it will keep them safe. A good idea would be to make up a wooden box around the precious item and make sure it will not slide. This will help avoid damaging. Movers in Los angeles can provide you with boxes like this and pack your painting for the further safe transportation. According to our experience, there are paintings that should be put in climate-controlled environment, where there will be no risk for drastic temperature changes, because this is also can cause damage.

Using professional moving service in Los Angeles will help you avoid all the above mentioned risks and be sure that transportation will be as smooth as possible. In case of need, we can also use special frames for the transportation. The thing is, different artworks require different treatment and it has to be taken into consideration. Spending extra time on taking special care of your valuable items is vital for them to be delivered undamaged.

There are also certain requirements for transporting sculptures. They are heavy and fragile at the same time. Once you drop it, you lost it. Therefore, they need to be put in separate cases according to their size. In most of cases there is a universal solution. Crating is a quite reliable way to pack delicate and heavy items. The hardest thing is not packing, but the delivery itself. Sculptures need to be fixed to avoid any sliding. Although small items can be moved easier because they are not so heavy, you still need to remember that they are fragile. This is why they also require special fixation.

The pro tip from movers in Los angeles is that you shouldn’t try to save money when it comes to artworks transportation. Don’t do it on your own. Consider any other services that you can deal without, although never ignore the importance of professional help when it concerns art. 

It is also worthy to note that if you consider disassembling, you shouldn’t do it alone. If an item is disassembled inappropriately, you might not be able to put the pieces together when it arrives to your new home. If you choose to opt for the moving service in Los Angeles, experienced movers will disassemble the item and after delivery, they will unpack it and bring to the previous form. However, in this case there also has to be a special technique of packing the pieces of the artwork. Just like the whole sculpture, they need to be packed separately from one another and put into special containers.

When getting ready for a move, you can also ask for a consultation from a specialized carpenter or a company dealing with artworks moving. They will let you know all potential risks, and teach you how to prevent and manage them in case of emergency. Being well-informed is you first step towards safe and stress-free move.

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