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Are You Moving within California? Make It Stress-Free!

Loyal Moving Company is ready to offer you professional staff, warehouse facilities, and our own fleet of trucks. We are one of the leaders in the market to provide a full range of high-quality moving services in California.

Loyal Moving Company is a team of professionals with extensive experience, knowledge, and positive attitude. We are always happy to help you.

We’ll Determine Your Exact Moving Needs

If you want to move without problems and difficulties, we are ready to arrange that for you. If you know how to pack, we can provide you with the experienced movers and a truck to move and transport all your furniture and boxes.

Professional packing and unpacking services

We’ll Customize Your Move in the Following Ways:

  • Professional packing/unpacking services

  • Luxury Packages for your carefree move

  • Short-term and long-term storage options

  • Impeccable moving services of your antique furniture and decorative items

Our Team Members Are Moving Pros

Our staff is loyal to every client and they will explain every detail of what determines the cost of your move. The moving costs usually depend on the number of movers required for your specific move, the time it takes to transport all your items, and the drive distance from the place you’re moving out to the place you’re moving in.

Other factors that influence the price of the move include:

  • The size of your house/apartment
  • The number of boxes and packing material you need

  • The number of things you have

  • The fact whether or not you have packed your things yourself

  • Availability of heavy items and pieces of furniture (piano, statues, training simulators, etc.)

  • Can our truck park close to your house?

We’re Offering Moving Services That Fit Your Moving Budget

Our professional team will explain to you every detail that determines the cost of your move. We will make sure that your move fits your budget and we will offer the best possible moving options to you. We don’t have any hidden charges.