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You’ve made it! You’re ready to fly the nest. While this can be an emotional time, it’s probably a very exciting one as well. The best way to handle everything is to take a deep breath and plan for this next stage in your life.

Move Organizational Tips

  • Decide if you want to DIY or hire help. Moving means you’ll need packing supplies, muscles, and a moving truck. If you think you can do all of this by yourself, then consider it a DIY move. If you think you’ll have a lot of trouble doing it all along with all of your other responsibilities, you may want to consider hiring a moving service. You can have professional movers pack all of your belongings, load the moving truck, and drive it all to your new home.
  • Choose how much help you want. You don’t have to hire a moving service to do all of the moving work. You could pack all of your belongings and just have movers load the boxes and furniture in the moving truck. You’ll save money and save your muscles a lot of exhaustion.
  • Keep all receipts and paperwork. You never know when you’ll need to refer back to your move for reimbursement or in case something was lost. With all of the information you need filed away in one place, you’ll quickly be able to find what you need.


Since choosing a moving service is the easiest way to move, you may wonder how you’ll pick a moving company. Here are three tips to help you:

  1. Shop around for quotes. Moving companies will give you quotes for the services they offer. You can find the best price by asking around. This will help you save money on your move.
  2. Use the USDOT for information. This resource can be great for finding trustworthy moving companies in your area.
  3. Look online for a moving company. Most moving companies have websites now, so check them out. The most reputable companies will have AMSA and BBB memberships. To become a member of these organizations, moving companies have to adhere to high standards.


To reduce the cost of your move, you should declutter your home. It can be nice to purge belongings you haven’t used in a while and will probably never use again. What you’re left with is fewer possessions to pack and move to your new home.

Consider moving a lot of your items before the big moving day. If you already have boxes packed, put them in your car and make a few trips back and forth to your new home. You don’t have to do it all in one day, but over a week or so. You could end up moving most of your things. This way there will be less for the movers to do, which means you spend less money.

Consider these tips as you schedule your move. You’ll likely find them effective in making it easy and much less money than you’re expecting.

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