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Moving your house is an incredibly difficult experience, indeed. No matter if it’s the first time in your life when you change the place of living or not, being able to pack all your stuff appropriately and move it safely is a rare skill. More than that, it’s all about time managing, which is for some people almost an incomplete mission. It is important to start preparing to the moving day beforehand and make a detailed plan of every your step in order to cope with everything with minimum stress and chaos.

Here our pro-tip comes: you need to create a personal moving checklist where you will set all your priorities and write down a step-by-step plan of the moving process, starting from buying the packing boxes and making an order on the Los Angeles movers website and finishing with unpacking your stuff when you arrive to the new apartment. You need to have a specific schedule and follow it thoroughly in order not to forget anything and make sure everything is organized as it should be.

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The day you decide to change your address should be the day you start your preparation. The minimum to start your preparation is three or four weeks before the moving day. Of course one of the most time consuming things to deal with is packing your stuff. Well, there’s no way you can avoid this, so the earlier you start, the earlier you will finish and forget about it. However, we have a solution for you how to ease your struggle, especially if packing is not really your hobby and you don’t have much experience in it. Consider using special moving service in Los Angeles, which allows you to just relax and get all your things packed without participating in this stressing process. If you opt for this service, professional packers will arrive to your home on a scheduled day and pack all your things accurately and in a professional manner, so that you will not have any trouble unpacking them later. 

However, there are some things that you will have to do as a pre-packing step. First of all, you need to prepare out of the season clothes and items. Separate it from the other stuff and even if you don’t want to pack it, you’d better put it all together in one place. Apart from it, you need to gather all your special tools that you do’t use too often so there is a very small chance you will need it before you leave. You also need to place it somewhere separately from other things or put into special boxes.

How to keep things in order

One of our best tips on keeping your stuff in order is to make notes on the packing boxes, make lists of things that you have already packed or separated and those that are coming next and make pictures. While some people think that this is really unnecessary thing to do, you will say thanks to yourself later if you do it now. The truth is, when you have a total chaos at home, everything is turned upside down and there’s a complete mess of boxes and stuff of all kinds, a good idea would be to make pictures so you could know later where to look for something in case of need.

Los Angeles movers can help you organize your stuff and pack it in such a way that you will have no problems when searching for something. However, we suggest you marking all the boxes by writing a short description of what is inside. This is helpful because you will not have to open every box if you need something in particular; you will just know where it is.

What you should do in one week before moving

When it’s only one week left before the moving day, it’s the right time to start packing your kitchen items, most of your clothes and medicines. Make sure you will not need them during this last week and put separately things that may be useful during these last several days. Keep in mind that you will also have to prepare a bag of essentials that you will use during your trip to the new place of living. It includes items of daily use, such as cosmetics, underwear, medicine and electronic devices such as your personal computer etc.

Moving service in Los Angeles is willing to help you organize your moving trip and make it a joyful experience!

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