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Local moving

Our company offers tailored services to suit each client`s needs, whether its moving a single item or moving an entire apartment. Our local moving services include planning your move with one of our professional consultants, marking...

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Long distance

Loyal Moving provides its clientele with on-time pickup and delivery to make sure the time of travel of a long distance move is minimized. We provide service for wrapping and protecting furniture and belongings, disassembling items, and...

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Our storage facility provides a safe and clean place to store your belongings, large or small, within any period of time. Our team will help you choose the right amount of space and will wrap and pack your items appropriately for quality ...

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Loyal Moving offers efficient, reliable and friendly commercial moving services. Why get stressed when you have to move? We at Loyal Moving have the experience to successfully move your things safely and with ease. We offer the best commercial ...

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Loyal Moving – The Best Moving Company
in Los Angeles

There are many moving companies in the Los Angeles area, but Loyal Moving is one of the only ones that can exceed their customers’ expectations. With moving and storage services, customers are able to benefit in many ways when moving to and from the local area. These are not the only reasons to consider Loyal Moving for your next move. Check out some more below.

License of Operation

Would you pick up strangers on the street to help you move? If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t because you don’t trust them. This is why you should turn to Loyal Moving. Our Los Angeles moving company possesses a license of operation. This license gives us the legal permission to help you move. Every mover should have this license, but not all of them do.

Licensed and Bonded

Have you ever feared that something will go terribly wrong when you move? Maybe you fear your big screen will crack in the truck or someone will drop it, or maybe you’re just afraid some of your items may get lost. While we always take great care in packing and handling our customers’ belongings, we are licensed and bonded movers in Los Angeles. This gives you peace of mind that your personal items will be handled safely and if accidental damage occurs, you will be compensated.

Tailored Services

No two moves are the same. This is why our movers in LA provide tailored services. We will assess your move and plan the best way to load and unload the truck. This makes the move simple and quick. Isn’t that what you want from a professional moving company?

Storage Services

When you can’t fit all of your possessions in your new place or you’re not ready to move into it yet, we can help you with storage. With short-term and long-term storage options, there’s no need to worry about what you’re going to do.

Our Reputation Says It All

Many of our customers exclaim we have gone above and beyond when it comes to moving their personal belongings from one location to the next. We’ve received many recommendations from past customers, and many customers come back to us years later for us to help them with another move. We take great pride in this because we know we’ve satisfied them when they think of us as their go-to moving company for themselves and others they know.

We’re Ready to Move You

No move is too big or too small. We are able to put our professional movers to work as soon as you need them for as long as you need them because we know that you need to move and life can’t wait. Contact us today for more information about Loyal Moving. We can provide an estimate for your move, so you can start planning the next chapter of your life.

About Us

Our team of responsive and innovative workers have a goal to minimize the time and stress involved in a moving day with maximum quality and satisfaction. Our local moving services range from the simple to the more inclusive, depending on your specific situation. We are a local moving company who can customize our services to suit your desires, whether you need to disassemble, move, and then reassemble a piano or pack and unpack an entire apartment. We provide you with a personal relocation consultant from Loyal Moving to effectively plan and manage your move from beginning to end. Even if you`re moving down the street, there is still a certain amount of stress involved in a local move but with your personal relocation consultant, your stress will be minimized by allowing them to take care of the details. Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

PUC CAL-T#    T191246
MC  #                885414
DOT #             2543827

Why Choose Us

I just finished my move with Loyal Moving and I want to share with u my experience. The guys arrived early morning at 8 am and immediately started.I was stressed at first, but as I saw how easily and professionally they work, I relaxed and I did not even notice how fast I got into my new house. I strongly recommend loyal guys!!

Edward Luce, LA

I hired them to move me from Long Beach to the Pasadena. They held our staff in storage until, we remodeled our new house. Theire service was incredibly good. These guys are extremely hardworking, polite, helpful, fast and very patient. They were very careful throughout whole move. Everything was received as I packed it. They were the best movers. Great moving company.

Anne Gere, North Hollywood

I am Absolutely happy with Loyal Moving Company! They arrived to my storage place 15 min earlier scheduled time and ready to work. My storage is on the second floor but this guys so easily brought my belonging down and loaded into truck. Everything was delivered and unpacked with care to my new house. The total move lasted 4 hrs 12 min and I just got charged for 4 hrs. This is my second time using Loyal Moving, and I`ll get their help again if needed. Thanks guys for a stress-free experience!

Roula Khalaf, Burbank


Moving and storage is what we do at Loyal Moving.
Loyal Moving can provide the storage that fits your needs. Wanting storage for a short period of time, for a couple of days or need time so that you can close escrow? Perhaps you want a safe storage facility while you take a business trip or you may need storage before you relocate to another state. Loyal Moving with take are of your storage needs whether long term or short term. Our location is clean and provides a good space for storage.

We have fast pick-up and delivery time to and from any location in and around Loyal Moving and the surrounding area. Office storage is utilized by many different businesses at our location as well. You can reach one of our relocation experts at the following number and let them know what you need +1 877 997 5855.

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08/09/2016 1:14 PM Business History

The moving business is highly competitive with many movers in Los Angeles looking to make a quick buck with as little effort as possible. Such companies don’t survive for long in today’s world because we have various social media platforms such as Yelp, Google+, etc. Dissatisfied customers will voice their opinion and let others know. At Loyal Moving Company, we made a resolution when we started out, that we would provide the best possible services to all our customers and so far, we’ve succeeded in our goal.

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Anyone that has moved knows exactly what a stressful experience it can be.  The one way to ease this stress is to choose the right movers. If you look on the Internet, you will find there are a large number of moving companies in Los Angeles that provide this service, so how then would you know which one is the best? Here are a few tips that will help you choose a reliable moving company:

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Our team of responsive and innovative workers have a goal to minimize the time and stress involved in a moving day with maximum quality and satisfaction. Our local moving services range from the simple to the more inclusive, depending on your specific situation.
We are a local moving company who can customize our services to suit your needs.

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