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How to make moving less stressful for a big family

The idea of moving from one home to another can frustrate even the most patient adult. When you are moving with children, it can become an overwhelming process. There are, however, ways to make moving less stressful on everyone. By following a few simple tips, you can make moving easier on your family. 

Start Early

Start planning early for your move. The more time you have to plan, the less stressful it will be for everyone. Many families move during the summer months while the kids are out of school, so  these dates often fill up quickly. Weekends are also a busy time, so book your date early as most moving companies in Westwood book months in advance. 

Spread Out the Move

Moving from one home to another in a single day can be difficult on the kids. If possible, spread out your move so that you can move into the new home a few days earlier. This will allow you to get the children's rooms set up and ready for them when you arrive. When you request moving quotes in Westwood, ask for the cost of spreading out the move over several days. 

Enlist the Help of Friends and Family

Most adults can get work done more quickly when the children are away. If possible enlist the help of friends and family to babysit while you work. This can make it less stressful on everyone and help the process go more smoothly. 

Talk to the Children

Children are often in the dark about the changes that are happening in their lives, so it is important to talk to them and keep them in the loop. Let them tour the new home and their new neighborhood. Get them excited about the move to reduce the stress involved. 

Pack a Special Box

When you are planning what to pack on your moving trucks Westwood,  set aside a small box for each child that contains everything they need to be comfortable in their new home. Allow them to carry this box with them in the car so that they have it immediately. This box may contain items like favorite toys, snacks and other personal effects. 

Give Your Kids a Job

Children like to feel helpful. Assign them tasks like putting stickers on the boxes and creating labels for them. Assign some children to be in charge of snacks and others to help with the cleaning. If they feel part of the process, it will be easier on them. 

When it comes to moving with children, planning ahead is key. Get your moving estimate Westwood early and leave extra time to enjoy a smooth and stress free move. 

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