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Loyal Moving – A Leader in Burbank Moving Companies

It’s time to move! This is an exciting time because you’ve decided to move your life to a new location. Before you pack up your belongings, reserve a truck, and imagine the agony you’ll be in after moving all of your heavy furniture and boxes, consider our Burbank moving company.

We’ve been in business in Burbank and its surrounding areas for many years. Our team of professional movers have been trained and supervised to ensure that all customers receive quality moving services. Their knowledge extends beyond just moving items, but packing them securely too, so there’s less of a chance they will break in the move.

Our customers often come back to us for every move because they appreciate everything we offer them. They have peace of mind because we are insured and bonded. If any accident should occur, insurance will cover any damages.

With a full range of services to help everyone moving to and from Burbank, people become excited when they can get everything they need through us. This includes packing their home, loading our moving truck, driving it to the new home, unloading our moving truck, and storing any belongings if needed. Moving to Burbank or away from it has never been so easy!

Why People Choose Us

Besides being licensed, insured, and bonded, people choose us because of our excellent customer service. We treat every single one of our customers as an individual who needs services tailored to his/her needs. Our customers love that about us because they feel as though they aren’t just working with a business, but with friends who truly care about moving them in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Get a Burbank Moving Company Quote

Moving to a new home can be expensive, which is why we encourage everyone to give us a call when considering our moving services. Many times, we’ll need to come out to your current home to assess your belongings before we provide a quote since pricing depends on the number of rooms, furniture weight, and boxes.

If storage is something you’ll need due to being in between homes or trying to downsize your living space without getting rid of possessions, let us know. We would be happy to inform you about our storage options, so you can choose one that meets your short or long term needs.

Call us today for affordable moving services. We look forward to helping you with your next move!