Unpacking Tricks You Need to Try

07/20/2015 10:11 pm 2176

You’ve packed your home up, loaded it in the moving truck, drove the moving truck to your new home, and unloaded it all. Now what? Well, this is the point where most people just want to drop to the floor and wave the white flag of surrender.

You’re stuck with boxes and boxes of your belongings, and you’re exhausted. You know you have to unpack, but after everything, there’s just no energy left.

Don’t worry – you can do this! Follow these tips to help you get it done quicker, so you can start enjoying your new home.

Organize the Boxes

What’s overwhelming you is seeing all of the boxes piled up together. There aren’t as many boxes as you may think. Usually, the reason it looks like so many boxes is because they are all piled up next to each other. To make it not seem so bad, start putting boxes in the rooms they belong. Take the box with pots and pans to the kitchen. Take the box of toys to the kid’s room. As you start putting boxes in the appropriate rooms, it will seem much less overwhelming.

Unpack Necessities

You don’t have to unpack it all at one time. Take out what you need first. You need to take a shower, so unpack the bathroom supplies. You need to cook dinner, so take out the pot, pans, plates, and utensils. This way you’re unpacking, but it doesn’t seem that way because you’re using the stuff as you’re taking them out of the boxes.

Imagine What You Want and Make It Happen

You know what you have in your boxes. Take a step back in every room and think about how you want to make it look. Once you have a vision, start taking things out of the boxes and put them in the places you’re seeing in your mind’s eye. You won’t even feel like you’re unpacking because you’ll be decorating at the same time.

Take Your Time

There’s no rush in unpacking. Some people do it in a day, but they are just overachievers. Most people do it over the course of several days or even a month. Do it at your own pace, and soon enough, you’ll have it all done without feeling stressed.

Unpacking doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be the start of you enjoying your new home. Get started today by using some of these tricks, and see how much better you feel about it.