Advice for Long Distance Moving

07/20/2015 10:05 pm 2363

While many people dread a long distance move, it’s really not as difficult as many believe. Since we’ve done it thousands of times, we’ve figured out the easiest ways to do it. We would like to share our advice with you, so you can have the best move possible, even if you’re moving many miles away. 

Keep Track of All Paperwork and Information

Whether you use a moving company or do it all yourself, keep all of your receipts. Write down everything you can about all of the services and supplies you purchase. This way if there is ever a problem or you need to be reimbursed for the move, you’ll have everything you need. 
Bonus tip: Keep it in one folder to save time when looking for what you need later. 

Pack for a Week

When moving long distances, you’ll likely be without most of your belongings for a few days. They may be in boxes somewhere or in transit. Before you leave your current home, pack some suitcases with everything you need for a few days. 

Bring Valuables with You

It always feels better when you know exactly where your important documents, jewelry, and photographs are when you’re moving. With everything going on around you, things get lost and you don’t want them being your valuables. 

Take Care of Your Pets

Long distance moving isn’t just hard on you, but it’s difficult for your pets as well. Be sure to have plenty of water with you at all times and give them a break from the car or moving truck. The extra time you take to help your pets will be worth it when they are happy in their new home. 

Let People Help You

You may not want to bother people, but they really do want to help you when they ask, so let them. If you don’t have anyone around you to help, consider using a moving service. It can be a great way to make the moving process easier.