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Bell Gardens

Moving from a large home into a small one can be a challenge. Many  homeowners find that this can make an already stressful situation even more so. There are great tips that will help you to make this move successfully with less hassle. 

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead makes even the most challenging tasks manageable. When moving from a large home to a smaller one, it may be necessary to sell or donate some items. Take an inventory of what items you will keep and which you will get rid of. Hire moving trucks Bell Gardens early to make sure your date will be available on the day of your move. 

Measure Everything

Many people realize too late that their existing furniture is too large for their new home. Make a visit to your new home and measure all of the doorways to make sure your larger furniture will fit. Your movers can assist you with this process and help to make sure your new home can accommodate all of your belongings. 

Get Packing Help

You may have to get creative with the packing if you are moving from a large home to a smaller one. Moving boxes may take up a lot of space in your new place, so the key is to pack and use as few boxes as possible. There are moving companies in Bell Gardens that will handle all of the packing for you. When you receive your moving estimate Bell Gardens, ask to have packing services added to your quote. 

Get Multi-Purpose Furniture

When you move from a large home to a smaller one, using multi-purpose furniture can help you to save space. Find storage ottomans, bookshelves and tables with hidden storage compartments. Your moving company can help you with assembling your furniture once you have moved into your new home. 

Move Strategically

When moving to a smaller home,you may need to be strategic in the way in which you move. It may be necessary to move larger items in first to make sure there is enough space available. Your movers will know the best order in which to pack your belongings on the truck in order to fit them correctly into your home. Communicate with your mover and let them know about any oversized furniture or appliances you will be bringing.  

Moving from a large house to a small house, condo or apartment can be a challenge. By planning in advance, getting moving quotes in Bell Gardens that spell out all of your preferences for the day of your move. 

If you are planning a move, remember that the most popular dates will book up quickly. Put down a deposit today to book your date.